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Las Vegas, Nevada – General Information

April 22nd, 2022

Las Vegas is a U.S. city in the middle of the desert, in Clark County in the state of Nevada. The Mormons founded the city in 1855 which became an agricultural village in the early twentieth century

Thanks to liberal laws in relation to games of the State of Nevada, the city is known worldwide for its casinos and hotels. Because of the huge hotel capacity of the city (currently over 120,000 hotel rooms), it is also a place of choice for the organization of major conferences. Las Vegas is also the temple of shopping, especially with its large shopping centers (the Fashion Show Mall for example, located on the Strip)

Las Vegas is also known as Sin City (the city of sin) because of gambling, adult entertainment and because prostitution is legal in neighboring counties. But local authorities decided in 1989 to diversify the city to a family clientele and consensus with the addition Circus Circus and Excalibur.

The casinos and attractions have multiplied as well as related services. Population growth has followed a strong stead pace, which poses some problems of infrastructure. It is the most attractive city in the country, with large tourist attracting hotels, displays and shows. Las Vegas tourism is centred around “the Strip” which is a strip of road which is home to all the world renown hotels and casinos. Las Vegas is also the prime location for parties as numerous celebrities and professional athletes frequent the upscale night spots on a regular basis. As advertised people love to go to Vegas to party and like their motto says “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.